Linda at IDFA

IMG_9824Yesss, the International Documentary Festival has once again hit Amsterdam. This year, a lifelong dream (sort of) is coming true: I get to be a moderator! If you want to see me in action, check my schedule below.

Van Steeg Tot 1, a radio programme on Radio2, asked me for two tips. As I already got to see some films, I was happy to. I really liked The Queen of Silence (about a deaf Roma girl who’s into Bollywood) and Ballet Boys (about three Norwegian teenagers who do ballet).

Today I saw We Are 18 (about growing up male in the Netherlands) which I also warmly recommend.

My Q&A sessions:

23 November 12:45 The Case of the Three Sided Dream
23 November 15:00 Placebo
24 November 13:45 Escaping Riga
28 November 18:45 The Solitude of Memory & Kamchatka – The Cure for Hatred