New publication: entry on fan fiction in Encyclopedia of Media Effects

Encyclopedia of media effectsTogether with Stijn Reijnders, Koos Zwaan and Abby Waysdorf I authored an entry for the brand new International Encyclopedia of Media Effects, published by Wiley. This entry presents an overview of the development and current state of fan studies, exploring the “reverse image” of media effects. The field of fan studies offers the ultimate rebuttal of the traditional media effects model by stressing the independence, agency, and power of media consumers vis-à-vis media producers. After providing a short historiography of the discipline, this entry dives deeper into three themes that have been central to discussions within fan studies since its early beginnings: fan fiction, fan communities, and places of fandom. 

The Encyclopedia is a costly four-volume edition. Institutions probably have online access. Contact me if you’d like a PDF of our entry. 

Reijnders, S., Zwaan, K., Duits, L., & Waysdorf, A. (2017) Fandom and Fan Fiction. In: Rössler, P., Hoffner, C.A. & Van Zoonen, L. (eds.) The International Encyclopedia of Media Effects. New Jersey: Wiley.