Linda Duits (Zeist, 1976) studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam from 1995 to 2000, specializing in political theory and political behavior. She obtained her PhD (2008) from the renowned Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR) with an ethnographic study on girls in Dutch multicultural society. She then worked as an Associate Professor of qualitative research methods at the University of Amsterdam.

In 2010, she decided to focus on disseminating academic knowledge beyond the ivory tower. To this end, she started Diep, an agency specialized in popular culture. Ever since she has been actively contributing to public debate. In addition to popular science books, she regularly publishes in Dutch newspapers such as Het Parool and NRC Handelsblad.

As a columnist she wrote for, amongst others, opinion blog DeJaap (2009-2025), university magazine Folia (2015-2021) and platform Brainwash (2017-2021).  In 2012, she became a podcaster and started Onder Mediadoctoren, now one of the longest-running Dutch-language podcasts. From 2018 to 2024, she co-hosted Geeky Dingen with Thom Aalmoes, about pop culture and geekdom. In 2024, she will launch a new feminist podcast.

Linda has kept on lecturing, at various universities. She currently works at the Media & Culture department at the UvA and teaches Introduction to the study of Sexuality & Gender to American exchange students at IES Abroad. As a researcher, she is affiliated with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) of Utrecht University.