Duits marches to the beat of her own drum and likes to unravel why we think the way we think. She kindly quashes hypes on youth and media, offers sharp interpretations of cultural developments, and shamelessly exposes concealed norms about sex. She doesn’t shy away from controversy, but at the same time scholarship is in her DNA: she always relies on current and cutting-edge research.

Duits has a strong presence in Dutch public debate and gladly shares her insights, solicited or unsolicited. She’s been a podcasting pioneer and still regularly blogs (even though no one uses that term anymore). When needed, she appears as an expert in the media and engages audiences as a speaker and moderator in the cultural sector. In addition, she organizes Sex Salons at famous fetish club Church, educates university students, and writes popular-scientific books. In her free time, she enjoys fun and adventure.