The death of the common girl

The Dutch magazine Yes has been aimed at young girls that do not want to stand out that much. Yes provided the average girl with tips on boyfriends and make up for 24 years, but this period will come to an end next week. For the glossy VK Magazine, part of newspaper de Volkskrant, I discussed the disappearance of the Yes-reader. I argue that several developments caused the magazine to disappear, most notably the style shoppping that is so characteristic of today’s youth culture. The common girl is a dead market. Although early teens strive for normality, older teens need to distinguish themselves and advertisers love to sell youngsters an identity. Another development, which did not make the article, is that Yes reached a younger audience than its advertisers wanted. If there is one thing killing for any medium aimed at youth, it is being considered childish. Full PDF version of the article written by Loes Reijmer here (thanks to @janvanderspoel).